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  1. Authorities believe the bloodshed was not an act of terrorism; the deadly incident is still under investigation.
  2. The former U.S. Labor Secretary explains his case for why Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren have the best chance of defeating Trump.
  3. An expected standoff between Democrats over a drug pricing bill provides a possible preview of larger ideological battles ahead.
  4. Family separation was supposed to have ended in 2018.
  5. The attorney general levels blistering criticism at how the inquiry was conducted.
  6. In a world in which all hell is going to break loose, everything will change and the military will be no exception.
  7. Retail workers are organizing to make sure private equity firms can’t make money by putting people out of work.
  8. Polling suggests voters want no part of him, but that won't stop the former mayor of New York from humiliating himself on a national stage.
  9. She hands the president a win on the same day Democrats announce impeachment charges against him.
  10. Voting is expected in a matter of days in the Judiciary Committee and by Christmas in the full House.